10 Must-See Lavender Farms & Fields Across America

10 Must-See Lavender Farms & Fields Across America

From glossy calendar images to picture-perfect Instagram posts, photos of lavender fields are almost too beautiful to be true. But those who have walked through a field of purple know that even though these images are stunning, they can’t capture the experience of seeing these beauties first hand. If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit a lavender field, you might be surprised that it is a multi-sensory experience. Of course these fields a treat for the eye, but there is more to the experience than the sights. You will be greeted by the amazing fragrance of the flowers, even before you pull into the parking lot. Additionally, you may get a chance to taste lavender flavored foods or enjoy the sweet sounds of near-by wildlife. 

It has been known for generations that lavender is more than just a pretty face. This aromatic herb has been around for more than two-thousand years. Today we still use it to promote good health. It is believed that it helps reduce stress and anxiety. It is also used to help alleviate pain. It has been said to help with digestive issues too, and can be used as an antiseptic and for cosmetic uses.  

While lavender farming is a big industry in Europe, specifically in France and England, it is also a major industry right here in the United States. America is home to some of the world’s most amazing, fragrant and stunning fields in the world. 

Here are ten must-see lavender farms and fields from across the United States.

1) Pelindaba Lavender Field and Farm

Pelindaba Lavender Field and Farm
Credit: Photo by Carole Sue Conran Photography

The Pelindaba Lavender Field and Farm is located just north of Seattle in the picturesque San Juan Islands. This breath-taking farm features a glorious view of the snow capped Olympic Mountains from its twenty-five acres. There is also a beautiful lake right on the premises for guests to enjoy. 

Visitors are invited to stroll through their organically certified fields. There is also a demonstration garden, distillery and various exhibits that you can visit. Visitors can harvest their own lavender or enjoy a picnic lunch in this tranquil setting. The lavender fields are open year round and they hold the annual San Juan Island Lavender Festival. Guests are invited to walk through the fields, even if the rest of the farm is closed. Best of all, admission to the farm is free.  

The ideal times to visit are when the fields are in bloom. July and August are the peak months, but blooming begins in early May. Certain varieties of lavender blooms through October.

2) Matanzas Creek Winery

matanzas creek winery lavender
Credit: Photo by Matanzas Creek Winery

Though originally known for their wine, Matanzas Creek Winery is now a destination for lavender lovers. The farm is now also known for their spectacular, terraced lavender gardens, too.  Located near the Matanzas Creek in Santa Rosa, California, this winery and farm invites visitors to, not only enjoy a walk through lavender fields, but offers many other activities as well. A picnic with beautiful view is a peaceful way to spend an afternoon. Or you might choose a stroll through the vineyard. You can even play a relaxed game of bocce ball on the premises. 

Make plans to visit the Matanzas Creek Winery’s tasting room to sample some of the lovely wines they offer. And don’t forget to visit their darling market where you can purchase a variety of products made on the premises and other locally created offerings.

3) Cape Cod Lavender Farm

cape cod lavender farm
Credit: Photo by Cape Cod Lavender Farm

You probably don’t need another reason to convince you to visit scenic Cape Cod, but if you do, The Cap Code Lavender Farm in Harwich, MA is it. In fact, this charming farm is a perfect destination for your next vacation.   

This lovely farm has over seven thousand plants on its twelve acres. This hidden gem is secluded, quiet and perfectly peaceful. It is surrounded by seventy-five acres of beautiful woodlands, walking trails and conservation land. 

The best time to visit this striking beauty is in late June through the middle of July. This is when the lavender is at the peak of its bloom. And if the lovely lavender fields are not enough, then you can enjoy a visit to the farm’s charming shop where you can purchase a variety of lavender inspired items.

4) Lavender Valley Field and Farm

lavender valley field and farm
Credit: Photo by Lavender Valley Field and Farm

Breathtaking views abound at the Lavender Valley Field and Farm. Located in colorful Mt. Hood, Oregon, this working farm offers one-of-a-kind views of the majestic Mt. Hood. The acres of lavender are sometimes visited by more than just humans. You might be fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of wildlife on your visit. Deer from neighboring woods like to stroll through this lovely farm too. 

Take some time to enjoy the truly marvelous sights! If you enjoy painting or photography, this place offers stunning views in every direction. Bring your paints and capture the astounding beauty that surrounds you. A particularly beautiful time to view the fields and mountain is during the golden hour, just before sunset. This is a great time to set-up your tripod and camera. 

When you’re done walking and absorbing the amazing beauty around you, take a stroll through the farm’s charming shop. They offer a variety of goodies and products related to the local area and some items that are made from their own lavender. 

5) Purple Haze Lavender

purple haze lavender farm
Credit: Photo by Purple Haze Lavender

Just a short ferry ride from Seattle, is the scenic town of Sequim. This area has a lot to offer including the Olympic Game Farm and breath-taking views, but the area is known for its commercial lavender fields. The location has a unique climate which is perfect for growing lavender. Sequim has been deemed “The Lavender Capital of North America.” 

Perhaps one of the most beautiful places in Sequim is the Purple Haze Lavender Farm. Visitors can aimlessly walk through seven acres of beautiful lavender fields and gardens. In addition, there are manicured lawns to enjoy or you can linger around the charming on-site pond. There is also a shop where you can browse through a myriad of lavender related products. Be sure to try a scoop or two of lavender ice cream too. 

When Purple Haze says they want you to visit, they really mean it! They have a vacation rental located on the premises. This farm house includes three bedrooms so you can bring your whole family with you to enjoy the area. There are plenty of amenities to make your stay pleasant and relaxing. There is a hot tub where you can unwind and a porch swing for some quiet and relaxing moments in this beautiful setting.  

6) Sage Creations Organic Farm  

sage creation organic farm lavender
Credit: Photo by Sage Creations Organic Farm

If you are considering growing your own lavender, a visit to Sage Creations Organic Farm might be the perfect first step. This working farm offers classes on how to successfully grow lavender. Located in Palisade, Colorado, the farm also offers other classes as well. Another class that is offered teaches students how to craft using lavender. 

On top of the educational opportunities that are available, guests are welcome to tour the greenhouses and orchards. The high desert elevation in this area provides a friendly growing environment for many crops. The fruit and flowers from this area are of the highest quality. And best of all, Sage Creations invites you to sample all the goodies that their crops yield. You are even invited to pick a lovely bouquet of flowers to take home as a souvenir.

7) White Oak Lavender Farm  

white oak lavender farm
Credit: Photo by White Oak Lavender

This lavender farm is hosted by Purple Wolf Vineyard, in the gorgeous Shenandoah Valley. While the White Oak Lavender Farm is all about their beautiful fields, there are plenty of other activities that are sure to keep visitors interested and engaged even after they have completed their stroll through the fields. 

Visitors can enjoy a break by taking a little rest by the duck pond that is located on the property. Feeling competitive? Challenge a friend to a game of checkers on the life-size checkerboard. Of course, you should allow time to peruse the charming shop. There is also a labyrinth to explore. 

Be sure to include a visit to the Purple Wolf winery tasting room. There are four bars on the premises that are open year round offering seasonal specials.  

There are a range of planned events scheduled at the farm throughout the year. If you see an event that is of particular interest to you, be sure to plan your visit accordingly.

8) Soleado Lavender Farm  

soleado lavender farm
Credit: Photo by Soleado Lavender Farm

Escape the hustle and bustle of America’s capital by taking a short one hour road trip to the tranquil fields of Soleado Lavender Farm. This peaceful farm in Dickerson, Maryland is located at the foot of Sugarloaf Mountain in the Agricultural Reserve of Montgomery County. This is a family-owned farm. The family firmly believes in sustainable agriculture and practice aquaponic farming techniques. 

While this is a working farm, they encourage visitors to observe and explore.  In order to help maintain the integrity of the crops and insure that all guests have a positive experience, they do ask visitor to adhere to a few simple rules. Please leave your pets at home and watch your children carefully. There is no smoking on the premises and if you are having a picnic lunch, be sure to clean-up after yourself. These rules also help to protect the environment, which is one of the goals of the farm.

To truly experience the beauty of the farm, consider taking one of their yoga classes. These classes take place right in the lavender fields. This provides a beautiful view and an amazing scent for all who participate. There are other classes and events too, so be sure to check-out their events page and plan your trip accordingly.

9) Lavender Oak Farms  

lavender oaks farms
Credit: Photo by Lavender Oaks Farm

This lavender farm is home to more than just four-thousand lavender plants in nine different varieties. On these beautifully manicured sixty private acres, are many other attractions that are sure to interest visitors. 

There are two historic barns on the property. They are both made from old timber and are more than a hundred years old. They are constructed with hand-hewn oak and pine beams. These picturesque buildings provide the perfect venue for weddings and other special events such as fundraisers or company parties. 

Tours are also available. On these special tours, guests will be treated to a twenty-five minute presentation on various topics related to the growing of lavender. A delicious lavender-inspired buffet is also served. Be sure to enjoy all the yummy, and sometimes unique offerings. Visitors are also welcome to pick their own bouquet of lavender during specific times and from designated fields.

10) Purple Adobe Lavender Farm 

purple adobe lavender farm
Credit: Photo by Purple Adobe Lavender Farm

Consider a vacation to beautiful Abiquiu, New Mexico. Explore the colorful canyons and mountains where artist Georgia O’Keeffe found her inspiration. You will also find the breathtaking Purple Adobe Lavender Farm. The lushness of the farm stands in stark contrast with the area’s dry dessert terrain to create a unique and stunning view. This farm spreads over twelve acres and includes an abundance of lavender fields, as well as a rose garden with more than a thousand rose bushes. There is also an herb garden. 

The farm is more than just an oasis of purple. It is also home to a 1,500 square foot building that houses an artist studio, shop and store. There is also a labyrinth and tea house on the premises.


Plan Your Visit

Ready to plan a trip to one of these stunning lavender farms and fields? For the best possible experience, it is wise to come prepared. Make sure you wear appropriate shoes. If you plan to walk through the fields, you will want to wear comfortable shoes that you don’t getting dirty. Also, beware that you might encounter a few bees who are busy doing their jobs. Additionally, don’t go without a camera because you are sure to find a thousand views you will want to capture. And to add to your comfort, be sure to wear sunscreen and bring some sunglasses.

Touring a lavender farm is something you won’t soon forget. It is an experience for all of your senses. The fields of color are certainly unforgettable, but many people believe that the delightful aroma is one of the most memorable parts of a lavender farm visit.


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