Here is a list of our frequently asked questions from the Klean + team!

Due to recent demand orders are being shipped according to the schedule HERE. We are expanding capacity and will ship as soon as we can. If you pay for expedited shipping it will not speed up our processing time unfortunately. Feel free to track your package HERE.

You can track your package HERE.

KLEAN + is antiseptic due to our FDA OTC regulated 67% Ethyl concentration. It is registered to deter up to 99.9% of common germs.

Due to the nature of hand sanitizer, all orders are final. If for any reason you receive a faulty bottle please contact us HERE

Our essential oils are the highest quality due our strict processing and quality of ingredients.

We use the highest quality ingredients, pure therapy grade essential oils and pay our workers living wages. This equates to better purer products for you and your family.

We have manufactured hand sanitizer long before the recent pandemic, but our current batches are formulated to fight COVID-19 with government approved ingredients.