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Lavender Essential Oil – Everything You Need To Know

Our best selling Klean + Hand Sanitizer Crisp Lavender comes with other therapeutic benefits besides killing 99.99% of common germs, including COVID-19.

Lavender Essential Oil or commonly known as Lavender Oil is one of the other main ingredients in our Crips Lavender Hand Sanitizer, apart from the 67% Ethyl. The reason we use lavender is due to the many benefits lavender oil brings our skin and person. Below are benefits that lavender brings to our sanitizers and persons. 

What Exactly Is Lavender?

Lavender is a flowering plant in the mint family that’s easily identified by its sweet floral scent. It’s believed to be native to the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and India, with a history dating as far back as 2,500 years.

In ancient times, lavender was used as a holy herb. Additionally, it was often used to freshen up and give a light scent to a variety of personal items, such as clothes and hair. 

Lavender is one of the most common scents used in day to day life and most everyone can recognize the calming soothing scent of lavender, whether in its floral or oil form.

Lavender is most commonly found in its floral form or oil form used to either decorate (floral form) or to be used as a scent or diffused in an aromatherapy diffuser.

How Is Lavender Made Into An Oil?

Lavender can either be distilled into an essential oil and this process is known as steam distilling. To make an real essential oil, you have to distill the Lavender buds, capture the steam, and condense the steam into a liquid. This requires heat, pressure, equipment, skill and patience. Making real essential oils at home is very difficult and not recommended. A true essential oil still has the greatest benefits but often times is best to purchase from a professional organization who has years of practice and quality lavender crops to distill. 

Many folks who want to make their own lavender oil make the oil into a tincture. Tinctures still have many benefits and can be made by most people with common household appliances and equipment. For a great recipe on how to make a tincture follow this link HERE

At Klean + Hand Sanitizer we use steam distilled essential oils to ensure our customers get the highest therapeutic benefits. 

What Are The Supposed Benefits & Uses Of Lavender?


Lavender is most commonly used in aromatherapy. The fragrance from the oils of the lavender plant is believed to help promote calmness and wellness. It’s also said to help reduce stress, anxiety, and possibly even mild pain.


Sleep aid

People for a long time have trusted lavender to help them sleep. Today, aromatherapists use lavender to treat headaches and nervousness or restlessness. Massage therapists sometimes apply lavender oil to the skin, which might function both as a calming agent and a sleep aid.

Skin and hair conditions

Topical use of lavender oil might help when applied to the skin, lavender oils have shown positive results in helping with eczema, acne, sunburns, and diaper rash. Many also claim lavender helps with baldness.

There are many benefits to lavender which is why we focus on it in our hand sanitizers.

Hand Sanitizers are something we use repeatedly throughout the day, there should be more benefits that come from each spray than just an awesome Cleansing Power and that is what we at Klean + Hand Sanitizer guarantee. 

Do you use lavender for something other than what we have to talked about here? We would love to hear your comments and ways you have found lavender has benefitted you in the comments below.