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Where to Buy Hand Sanitizer in Bulk and What Does it Cost

Hand sanitizer has proven to be one of the essential items in aiding the fight against COVID-19. While most of the health organizations responsible for health around the world maintain that a good, old fashioned 20-second hand wash is the best way to protect against COVID 19, hand sanitizer can come in handy especially where no soap and water is available. Look for hand sanitizers that have an alcohol percentage of not less than 60%, which is very effective in fighting germs, bacteria and viruses such as the dreaded COVID-19. Below is a guide on how to buy hand sanitizer in bulk and how much it may cost.

Where to Buy Hand Sanitizer in Bulk?

Most online stores, such as Amazon Prime other major retailers, are quickly running out of some of the major options when it comes to an effective and up to standard hand sanitizer. You may especially find it difficult to find more than just a few bottles to stock up for your business or family.

Don’t worry – we have you covered at Klean +! If you are looking to purchase quantities of 100+ bottles, you can receive additional discounts than from our currently listed products. Feel free to submit a bulk order form on our bulk ordering page here.

Businesses Making Hand Sanitizers in Bulk

Without a doubt, most of the industries are facing hard times due to the current coronavirus outbreak. That is why some of the businesses, such as rum makers and distilleries, have decided to incorporate hand sanitizers into their production. The renowned brand Bacardi, for example, decided to venture into hand sanitizer manufacturing just a few weeks ago. Though the economic trends in the near future remain uncertain amidst the coronavirus outbreak, you can be sure that the demand for hand sanitizers will continue to grow. That is why it is essential to find a brand that can supply hand sanitizer for you or your business.

Required Standards

Ensure that the brand or company you decide to buy from meets all the government regulations for the standard of sanitizers that are suitable for fighting the coronavirus. Failure to do so may force you to have a large amount of dead stock in hand sanitizers, which cannot be resold as it does not meet the required standards. Before you decide on a suitable brand, you must first understand the basics about hand sanitizers and be careful if you decide to go the DIY route as there are risks involved – always follow the guidelines of the WHO for local production.

KLEAN + FDA Approved Products:  You can view our FDA approved hand sanitizer by searching for our registration number – NDC: 74025 in the FDA database.

Two Types of Hand Sanitizers

The two main types of hand sanitizers are alcohol-free and alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Alcohol-based sanitizers contain alcohol levels varying from 60 to 95 per cent and are the most effective in killing most germs and bacteria. Alcohol-less sanitizers, on the other hand, contain quaternary ammonium compounds which are less effective in killing germs. As someone who is caring for their family or are a business owner, you should find a brand like Klean + that manufactures alcohol-based sanitizers to stock up in bulk – and we offer bulk order discounts for our travel sizes as well !

Hand Sanitizer Travel Size in Bulk (1.69 oz)

Though hand sanitizers have been one of the major players in the fight against the coronavirus, it is essential to understand that not all the sanitizers found in the market are effective in killing the virus. Coronavirus, like many other respiratory infections, is spread when one comes into contact with another person. It is almost nearly inevitable to come into contact with surfaces contaminated with COVID-19 and other viruses, especially when you are out in public. That is why we recommend to carry a travel-size hand sanitizer at all times.

We, at Klean +, offer several different packs of travel ready hand sanitizer. It is even TSA approved! 

How Much Does Hand Sanitizer Cost in Bulk?

Klean+ offers different price ranges for our hand sanitizer depending on the number of bottles that an individual or business wants to purchase. The prices range from $7.99 for a single bottle to $287.64 for our 48 packs. If you purchase more than 100 bottles, there will be additional tiered discounts made available (feel free to fill out the bulk ordering form here). 

Please reach out to us directly with any questions about ordering hand sanitizer in bulk – we are glad to help!